PORTAL teams work in close collaboration with our clients to discover, analyze, and understand the disciplines, capabilities, and experience necessary to help ensure mission, business, policy, and regulatory requirements are met or exceeded.

PORTAL’s highly educated experienced professionals understand complex business needs, delivering the right services and solutions to meeting or exceeding requirements, while balancing quality, cost, schedule, resources, and speed to delivery, helping our clients achieve their most challenging objectives.

Our services focus on vision, strategy, standards and best practices, management, governance, assessment, architecture, engineering, integration, and development with our flexible, and innovative service delivery models aligned, and right sized to fit your needs.

Creating the future state representing clients' Mission, Enterprise, Program, and Project objectives and capabilities
Supporting our clients' development and implementation of policies, guidance, processes, and systems that promote compliance, management, and operations, ensuring interoperability between systems and their components, interfaces, and data
Creating, designing, deploying, and supporting systems and software for our clients' business domains, leveraging modern, highly productive methodologies, technologies, tools, and processes for multiple target platforms, form-factors, and environments
Analyzing our clients' organization, systems, services and processes to determine more efficient methods of meeting requirements and objectives
Driving efficient, effective, and secure business transformation with solutions impacting the Enterprise, Program(s), and Projects of all scales and complexity accounting for People, Processes, Technology, Secure Data, and Constraints
Identify, analyze, and test client/industry systems, technologies, solutions, and processes, for efficiency, effectiveness, and adherence to standards, requirements, laws, and regulations to meet Mission, Enterprise, Program, and Project objectives
Development and implementation of policies, guidance, and processes promoting efficient and effective compliance, management, and operations of systems, interfaces and data across the enterprise
Enterprise, Program, and/or Project coordination of activities, resources, capabilities, requirements, risks, schedules, and budgets supporting our clients, their stakeholders, and teams
Documenting and communicating relevant industry, federal, and organizational standards, best practices, and methodologies suited to accomplishing client Vision and Strategy
Developing the plans for achieving our clients' Vision