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Mission, business and regulatory requirements are the key drivers for continuously evolving and adapting agencies and organizations. Technology is a key enabler.  Today challenges abound.  Our clients need to do more, with less and faster than ever before and there are very different technology approaches to facilitate meeting and exceeding these very real needs.  PORTAL understands and delivers with the breadth and depth of knowledge, experience, training, incredible reach back, solid strategic partnerships and demonstrated capabilities to consistently help drive and deliver innovative services, solutions and practices along with leveraging  COTS, GOTS and advanced custom solutions.

Understanding the wide array of  hardware, software, processes and tooling along with their inter-relationships is a continuous integrated process at PORTAL.  We research, develop, build and test solutions specifically for our clients and ourselves internally, based on our knowledge of current and new client requirements, work environments, challenges, users, preference, deployment, tooling and skills considerations.  Working together we help answer the tough questions and collaboratively meet the challenges, always focused on quality and cost conscious delivery of services using the right tools and technologies that will result in true assets for our clients.