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People and Resources

PORTAL continues to grow our extraordinary teams of highly experienced multi-disciplined people skilled skilled in the tools, techniques, and proven methodologies continuously refined over 20 years… a key differentiator.

Our systematic and professional project management systems serve to identify the right people and resources to meet client project and task performance requirements while optimizing core team capabilities and reach through our strategic partnerships.  PORTAL also emphasizes education, training and information sharing activities to maximizes our capacity to perform and deliver for our clients.

PORTAL provides leadership on numerous complex technology development and implementation assignments for multiple customers. We have refined our internal project management methodologies over many years. We bring our lessons learned and best practices to every project. We use the following key management principles to ensure successful assignment completion:

  • Use the right people, in the right place, at the right time – thereby controlling costs
  • Maintain clear and continuous project management accountability
  • Maintain full and timely communications with the client as findings and issues emerge
  • Focus always on the client’s view of the ultimate results needed

PORTAL also applies an overall quality management approach which begins with thorough research and preparation of detailed project plans with special attention to definition of specific outcomes and products expected, including specific assessment techniques to be applied to each project classification, and specific criteria to determine completeness on a case-by-case basis. The PORTAL philosophy is based on internal performance measurement goals that result in quality products produced for our clients on time and within budget. Our Program Manager, through day-to-day communications, hands-on planning, and final review of products will facilitate quality management oversight. PORTAL”s systematic resource management approach has three key parts:

  • Organization and Accountability
  • Project Scoping and Planning
  • Performance Measurement