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Methodologies are sometimes confused with other terms like “processes” and “frameworks”. There are important distinctions between the three.  A framework is a structured concept or technology foundation for approaching a project, whereas a methodology is a prescriptive form of approaching a project. A process is a specific function in which the stages of a methodology are carried out. It is generally agreed that within the management hierarchical structure, the frameworks precede the methodologies, and the methodologies precede the processes. PORTAL supports a variety of methodologies and has certified professionals that ensure project success at every level.

PORTAL supports a wide range of methodologies:

  • Adaptive 365 – A lifecycle methodology, developed by PORTAL focused on architecture, design, engineering and development of solutions that adapt to changing business and regulatory requirements, embracing industry and enterprise standards resulting in high business value assets for our clients.
  • Software Development – Agile, Iterative, Waterfall, RAD and Extreme Programming.
  • Agile –Agile methodologies are evolutionary, adaptive and highly collaborative.  PORTAL supports various  agile methodologies implementations which are normally tuned for each client’s unique environment.  At the U.S. Census Bureau PORTAL supports Product Owners and Stakeholders working closely with the team to identify and prioritize system functionality in the product backlog on highly visible complex programs, applying the PORTAL service delivery approach and proactively identify any risks and issues.  At the Internal Revenue Service (IRS), PORTAL supported cross-functional requirements, planning, engineering, design and implementation teams leveraging an evolving agile implementations.
  • CMMI – The PORTAL Service Delivery approach provides guidelines to apply to determine the gaps in organization, policies, and procedures.  PORTAL leverages the SEI CMMI guidelines to ensure management and control processes are used in completing projects when required. PORTAL has also leveraged CMMI processes in developing Right-Sized processes that fit individual client operating divisions and also transformed them for enterprise use.  For example, PORTAL has Right-Sized the Decision Analysis and Resolution Framework to incorporate a wide range of analysis providing a core set of re-usable steps and implementing modified activity streams within the steps to address different analyses including Analysis of Alternatives (AoA), Gap Analysis, Risk Analysis and others.
  • ITIL – A collection of best practices that aim to improve and then maintain a certain level of computing services quality. ITIL covers organizational structure and skill requirements via a comprehensive set of procedures with which an organization can manage its IT operations. PORTAL applies ITIL where practical because it does not rely on a particular vendor’s technology and it applies to all aspects of IT infrastructure.
  • Project Management – The various ways in which projects are initiated, planned, and executed. For different industries and different types of projects, there are specific methodologies for managing projects. PORTAL supports the PMI project management methodologies as defined in the PMBOK, which includes Agile Project Management.