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Scope and Complexity

Project, business, and management complexities must be considered and measured. PORTAL’s unique service delivery approach incorporates the scope and complexity. Projects have two primary areas for complexity – the technical aspects and the business scope (such as schedule, cost, risk, communications). Whereas the technical scope centers on building the desired product, it is often the business scope that adversely affects the product through conflicting decisions. But, there is also management complexity to consider. Management complexity includes the business aspects of the project, staff, relationships of the project to others, and project organization. There are many variables that can add complexity to the management of a project which must be incorporated.

Understanding and addressing complexity is critical to improved planning and implementation. The effectiveness of the project relies on taking the simplest approach that meets the requirements while avoiding complex situations, both technical and managerial, which can impede progress.

Our  service delivery approach continues to evolve and has been successful across a wide array of projects over our 20 years of service including  core mission critical systems such as IRS CADE 2 serving all taxpayers and Account Management Services (AMS) serving 30,000 customer service representatives and U.S. Taxpayers along with projects for the U.S. Census Bureau, U.S. Navy and commercial clients in the Mail Order Pharmaceutical, Car Rental and Hospitality industries.