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Contract and Financial Management

PORTAL has a stable, complete, and auditable contract and financial management system (CFMS) which has been refined and improved since opening our doors in 1991. We understand the importance of traceability from the contract award through contract closing, and every step along the way. Our system supports all phases of contract management activities across contract types from initial contract entry, through amendments, time and expense processing, payroll, invoicing and payments – across multiple fiscal years.

Contract and financial management is an important part of PORTAL’s Service Delivery approach. As with every engagement, contract management is one of eight critical success factors including Scale, Scope, Approach, Services, Methodologies, Technologies, and People and Resource.  Strong systems are important but effective communications with clients and contracting stakeholders is essential.  PORTAL communicates with the contracting office to establish our approach, schedule regular meetings,  ensure status reports and invoices provide the correct level of information desired working in close partnership in meeting the mission and goals for every engagement.