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The PORTAL Service Delivery approach is unique incorporating scope, scalability, and complexity, applying both standardized and our Right-Sizing methodologies along with incorporating best practices and applying industry standards throughout all of our service disciplines. PORTAL’s approaches also leverage our experience with a wide range of  Commercial Off-The-Shelf (COTS) products and services, Government Off-The-Shelf-Shelf (GOTS), and our industry leading custom and advanced development services with a understanding of  when and how  integration and service orientation help meet and exceed our clients mission and goals while reducing enterprise, organizational and operational costs.

Adaptive Design is an approach to meeting and exceeding asset building and re-use challenges.  There are an incredible number of systems and solutions that are built over and over again.  Sometimes due to evolving requirements and other times due to time and delivery constraints aimed at meeting immediate schedules.  Adaptive Design takes a step back and take a holistic collaborative view to understand the wider and longer term solution set requirements and then translating that through the SDLC process to develop the right solution.  PORTAL has extensive understanding, experience and expertise helping define this approach from concept through design, engineering, deployment and operations, maintenance cycles.  Adaptive Design is one tool in our chest and it is not always the right solution, but we are seeing a growing set of clients who are understanding that in a better, less expensive and faster environment with budget challenges abounding, it’s time to take a fresh look at how business and mission goals are being achieved and this is one approach with strong implications on architecture, design, engineering and development that needs consideration.