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PORTAL Technologies Corporation is an SBA certified small business delivering enterprise, systems and software services focusing on strategy, vision, architecture, engineering, process and development for public sector and commercial clients with a flexible and innovative service delivery model. Our highly educated, innovative and experienced teams of professionals understand complex business needs and deliver the right solutions, balancing business requirements, risk, quality, cost, and speed to market delivering an incredible value proposition.

Since 1991, we have provided innovative and trusted IT leadership with a history of success in diverse markets across multiple domains and technologies. We forge exceptional and close partnerships developing critical understanding of each client’s business, delivering creative strategies,  processes, architectures and solutions that adapt to changing needs, becoming your integral assets. PORTAL is currently available under a wide range of contract vehicles.

PORTAL’s ability to deliver incredible breadth and depth of experience to our clients along with a wide array of relationships and partnerships allow us to deliver exceptional value propositions.

Our deep understanding and collaborative working relationships have given us the ability and privilage to deliver on some of the toughest highly complex requirements for client’s core mission critical systems including FEMA NFIP, IRS Customer Account Data Engine (CADE 2) serving all taxpayers, IRS Account Management Sevices (AMS) serving 30,000 customer service representatives along with over fifteen (15) Census systems from pure and applied research through full production including the mobile Census Enumeration application (COMPASS) for Non-Response Follow-Up (2014 Directors Award for Innovation), the Census Adaptive Survey Design Initiative (ASDI),  Census Enterprise Data Collection and Processing (CEDCaP),  2020 Decennial, Unified Tracking System (UTS), Decennial Census 2000 A.C.E., and 2010 Coverage Measurement, Geography supporting NPC, TMO, and Field operations for over a decade. Other major systems include Electric Boat’s ELCADD system managing documents and engineering materials for 3 entire classes of submarines (Trident, Seawolf and Virginia Class) now in production over 20 years supporting the entire engineering life cycle including field support right at the docks and remediation of a field work system that will deploy mobile applications to over 8,000 CONUS and OCONUS investigators, amongst many others.